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Clarity Support was until May 2009 a limited company and was set up in 26/09/2000 by Prof. Tom. and Jan Addis.  Their intent was to have a commercial enterprise through which they could engage with industry in research projects and to have an outlet for research products developed in the Clarity programming environment.  Clarity support was a research driven company that attempted to bridge the gap between academe and industry. It did this bridging by providing realistic and commercially viable alternatives to present day practices; practices as found in software engineering. The Clarity approach was offered to help alleviate and reduce the risk of software project development.

In November 2005, Dr. B Visscher joined the company and became technical director.  His research provided new insights in the complexity problem and introduced the Creative Intelligent System, a prototype of the next generation of intelligent system based upon irrational sets. He has used Clarity to develop commercial models of companies. These models provide a financial viability assessment.

The company was dissolved in May 2009 mainly because of tax issues. The individuals that have been involved with Clarity are still working together to provide support for the community.


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